Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some common questions and answers;

Scalp and hair spa treatments

Should I wash my hair before I have scalp and hair spa treatment?

A: To have complete benefits for this treatment, please wash your hair at least a night before and have clean hair on your arrival.

How often should I have scalp and hair spa treatment when I have scalp concerns?

A: It depends on how severe the scalp problems are but generally we recommend to have it done every 3-4 weeks.

Will the scalp and hair spa treatments affect my hair colour/keratin?

A: All of our ingredients are safe for any kind of treated hair. However, if you had recently done any kind of chemical services within a week before your scalp and hair spa treatment, there is a small chance that the colour or keratin may lift during our detoxifying process. Therefore, we recommend customers to wait at least a week after any kind of hair treatment before receiving a scalp and hair spa treatment. We also recommend waiting at least a week after having a scalp and hair spa before doing any kind of chemical services. You wouldn’t want to apply chemicals to a freshly cleaned rejuvenated scalp.

Kerasilk keratin smoothing treatment

We only use 100% formaldehyde-free Goldwell Kerasilk keratin treatment at Hair spa Wellington. Keratin treatment is not designed to make the hair straight. Result may vary depending on hair history, hair type, texture, strength of curl and after care maintenance.

Q: What is Keratin smoothing treatment?

A: A keratin is a smoothing treatment that seals the hair cuticle with a coating of protein that reduces frizz, and adds softness and shine. Keratin treatment is not designed to make the hair straight. Results may vary depending on hair history, hair type, texture, strength of curl and aftercare maintenance.

Q: How long will my keratin treatment last?

A: Kerasilk treatment should last you anywhere from 3-5 months depending on how often you’re shampooing, and making sure you’re only using salon quality sulfate-free shampoos.

Q: When can I colour my hair?

A: It is safe to colour or bleach your hair two week before or after the treatment.

Q: Will my hair be straight after the keratin smoothing treatment?

A: It always depends on the natural texture of your hair. If the hair is curly, it will reduce the frizz and define the natural curl. If the texture is wavy, the treatment most likely will result in your hair to dry slightly straighter. If your hair is straight already, the treatment will eliminate the frizz and give your hair a healthier and shiny look. The treatment, at last will reduce the time ruqired to blowdry almost in half.

Q: My hair is highlighted and/or colored, can it still handle the keratin smoothing treatment?

A: Yes, the keratin smoothing treatment is perfect for highlighted and colored hair. It will not only eliminate the frizz but will enhance the color as well, making the hair appear healthier overall.

Q: Is the keratin smoothing treatment permanent and will there be a new growth?

A: No the treatment is not permanent and will it “grow out”. The treatment gradually and evenly washes out so there is no “line of demarcation”. This treatment does not change the inner structure of the hair, but rather creates a protein layer overlay on the cuticle which protects the hair. As the hair is protected for an extended time, the condition of the hair is improved.

Q: Who is the keratin smoothing treatment ideal for?

A: Keratin smoothing treatment is ideal for almost everyone and every hair type. It will be as effective on all hair types including: thick, thin, dry, chemically damaged, straight, wavy and curly. This specialty service will make the hair healthier as it smoothes the cuticle and reduce frizz and creates shine.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.